Program Tiers

Skechers Plus features three program tiers. There’s the Member tier, the Silver tier, and the Gold tier. Tier qualifications will be based on total spend in a membership year. To qualify for the Silver tier, members must spend 175 in a membership year. Qualification for the Gold tier is 350 in a membership year.

We greatly value our members’ dedication to Skechers. So, if you have reached Elite Gold status, you’ll keep that status in Plus for a year. To retain Gold status for the following year, you’ll need to meet the €350 spend requirement.


How You Earn

Member tier and Silver tier members earn 10 points per 1 spent while Gold tier members earn 20 points per spent for purchases made on  In addition to earning points from purchases made on, members can earn points through certain digital engagement activities with Skechers.


Return Policy

 Skechers Plus members will have a return window of 90 days, increased from the current policy of 45 days. 


Points Expiration

Points earned by members are valid for 365 days from when they’re earned. 


Elite Points

For members who have a remaining Elite point balance, Skechers will issue a Skechers Plus promotional voucher for the remaining point balance value.  Members will have eighteen months to redeem the promotional voucher.

Full program Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Participation in Skechers Plus is voluntary.  If you no longer wish to participate, please contact us at


Stay tuned for more information coming your way!